31 August 2014

HAUL - all about lips! Products that I got in England.

Hi there! How's it going? :)

I'm currently on holiday in England and I do my best to make the most of it, thus it stands out a mile that because of being a massive fun of makeup, the first thing I did when I got here was go to the city centre and explore some local chemists. I wish you could imagine me standing in front of Sleek, MUA and Makeup Revolution stands for about an hour and testing almost every single eyeshadow palette like a total freak! Well well well, but it's not about eyeshadows this time. What I want to share with you today is some new lip products (mainly lipsticks) which I got at Boots, Drugstore and in the Company Cosmetics Shop which is the official discount outlet where you can get lots of high-end products at a lower price.

 I purchased a good few other makeup and skin/hair products too and I'm going to show them to you in the following posts. 

I need to add that today's post is not a review cos so far I haven't even had the opportunity to try out all the lip products presented below.

Overall, I bought five products: three lipsticks; one lip lacquer and one lip crayon. 

The first lipstick on the left is a MAC one which is called Sweet Succulence. I was lucky enough to get it 5£ off in the Company Cosmetics Shop so instead of paying 15.50£ it was only 10.50£ for me. I'm so so happy to have this lipstick because it has such a gorgeous vampire colour which is just perfect for autumn and winter! Not to mention it's my first MAC product I've ever had so you can only imagine how excited I was when I finally got it :) I literally cannot wait to wear it on my lips! Love this one soooo much.

The second one from the left is by Collection. It comes from the Gothic Glam Collection and it's called Scorned no. 2. It's kept in a dark colour as well but it seems to be more plum/violet than the MAC one. I got it at Boots for 2.99£.

The third lipstick is in the number 107 and it's by Rimmel. It has a lovely dark red colour and a matte finish. I do love to wear this one on my lips particularly in autumn and winter seasons. This lipstick was highly recommended by Zoella some time ago and I've thought it would be quite cool to get and test it when I go to England. Rimmel Kate Matte Lipsticks retail for 5.49£ at Boots.

The next one is Apocalips Lip Laquer by Rimmel in 303 Apocalyptic. Its texture seems be quite similar to a lip gloss or lip stain but it's not one hundred percent the same. Apocalyptic 303 is an extremely pigmented laquer which has a very nice fruity pink colour. I got it at Drugstore for 6.49£.

The last one is by NYC in no. 050. It's a lip crayon with a neutral nude colour which is perfect to wear in an everyday daily makeup. I bought this one at Drugstore for 2.99£.

 Mac, Collection, Rimmel.

HereyYou can see them in daylight.

I'm so glad to have all these products in my lipstick collection (especially the MAC one :D) and I hope they will all work well. :)

 See you next time!

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