9 March 2014

Hair products and tools

Hello everybody on this lovely sunny Sunday afternoon! :)

I've been using some new hair products and tools for some time now. I'd love to show you some of them because so far they've worked really well.

1. Tangle Teezer.

It's one of those well-chosen Christmas presents. :) I wish I hadn't got it earlier cuz nothing detangles my hair better than this brush. 

I can highly recommend buying this brush if you do not have one. It's easily available online both on Polish and foreign websites. I think that now you can get it for about 40 or 50 zloty. This price is not low regarding buying an ordinary brush but this product is really worth the money.

2. Hair Styling Brush.

 You can get it in Rossmann for about 20 zloty.

Unfortunately, I cannot use this brush properly yet but I'm still learning. It's not so easy as it might seem to be. Practice makes perfect. :)

3. Argan Oil.

 Accessible e.g. in Rossmann for no more than 10 zloty.

Works really well! Makes my hair more soft and shine. Smells really awesome as well; its fragrance reminds me of an oil cake and it lingers on my hair for a long long time.

4. Dry Ends Serum from Avon.

 Costs 11,90 zl.

I bought this product about a week ago and I used it only three of four times. For time being I must say it's not so bad at all. :)

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Well, it's seems to be all for now. See you soon and have a nice week!