3 September 2012

Part 2 Coming soon.

Hi guys! :))  I can only say that I got all the photos from my summer holiday and from now on I promise I'll do my best to put them in good order and share with you soon! :) That's gonna be part II. Part I is here.

I know that for some of you holidays are over and you're not happy about that, but I think you SHOULD be, because school is really really good thing (in my mind anyway) :D I wish I could go there. I'm really envious of you!!! If I could decide what to do: go to school in Sept. or stay at home all month you can be sure that I would choose first option. Oww God, I miss it a lot..

I don't know who took this photo, but it's really cool! Me and my two best friends.
I only know that Natalia (the girl in the middle) remade it a little. :))

See you soon! :)

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