3 May 2014

FIVE FAVOURITES: Shower gels, body peelings & their lovely scents Spring/Summer 2014

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Hello hello! :)

Saturday has just come so it's time for new FIVE FAVOURITES! :) 

 To begin with, I need to mention that what makes these products appealing for me is their lovely fragrance which undoubtedly reminds me of the long, sunny, spring and summer days. Do you know the feeling when you lie on the grass or on the beach trying to unwind, you're surrounded by nature and the sun is beautifully shining just at your body?
I know this feeling very well. :) And this is the reason why I decided to put these products in my FIVE FAVOURITES for spring and summer. :)

1. SHOWER CREAM - Nivea, Free Time, Aloe Vera and Starfruit. 
2. SHOWER GEL - Nivea, Water Lily and Oil. 

I placed these two products together because they are extremely similar in the way they work.
- they are both extremely refreshing
- leave my skin soft and hydrated
- have an absolutely gorgeous scent
- easy to foam
- are budget and easy to get, eg. in Rossmann, for about 9 zloty

They differ only in their consistency. The one with aloe vera is more creamy.

3. SHOWER GEL - Original Source, Mango&Macadamia.

- leaves my skin smelling fresh and light long after the application
- has an amazingly lovely sweet scent
- does not dry out the skin 
- foams perfectly 
- is cheap and easy accessible, eg. in Rossmann, for less than 9 zloty

 I'm sure you have already used many shower gels by Original Source and you know exactly how they work. 

I know that some of them have a terrible, disgusting scent; however, fortunately, the one with mango&macadamia is more than OK.

4. BODY PEELING - Joanna, Body Naturia, with cherry.
5. BODY PEELING - Joanna, Body Naturia, with blackcurrant.

- contain small particles
- they have INCREDIBLY awesome fragrance: the one of fresh and sweet fruits
- leave the skin soft, refreshed and smoothed
- available eg. in Drogeria Natura, for less than 5 zl (!)
- The bestiest!!

If you're looking for some refreshing shower gels and body peelings for warm or scorching days, you should really try these products out!

Have a lovely week and see you next Saturday!

Ps. I'm wondering about creating the following post about some healthy breakfast foods which taste delicious and give me a lot of energy early in the morning... 

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