26 April 2014

FIVE FAVOURITES - lipsticks for Spring/Summer 2014

Hi everybody! :)

We've got an awesome sunny spring for quite a while now and it's time to show you my five favourite lipsticks which I've been using since the first sings of spring have appeared on the horizon.

Let's look at them together. :)

1. Golden Rose, Perfect Shine, nr 207.


I bought this lipstick so long ago that I've already managed to forget about it. Luckily, I came across it when I'd decided to have a spring tidy-out of my make-up things before the spring season has arrived.

 To be honest, I am not able to tell you what was the exact price of the lipstick - perhaps it was about 10 zloty - but I know that it is still in stock.

Its formula is very creamy. It contains vitamin A and E. 

The lipstick gives both moisture and wear. It's by far not one of those long-lasting products and it is not marked to be. At most it lasts 2-3 hours on the lips but re-applying is really easy.

The colour is a natural one - pretty, shiny and bright nude brown. 

Great everyday shade! :)

2. Celia, nr 1.

This lipstick is a bit brighter than the first one but still kept in a nude tone.
  It has many small shiny particles and a pearl finish. It's available in twenty different shades. 

It lasts on the lips for 2,3 hours without touching it up.

The price is 8,80zl.

 3. Golden Rose, nr 67.
Founded after a year and a half in my sponge bag!

It has an absolutely gorgeous deep orange colour which lasts up to 5 hours. It's creamy and gives your lips a pearl gloss. 
Must have for summer! 

 4. KOBO, Colour Trends, nr 308 - Coral kiss.

 Definitely a long-wearng lipstick. Lasts up to 6,7 hours. Its great pigmentation gives your lips a lovely, lively coral colour and pretty shine.

Incredibly creamy formula moisturises your lips and makes the application very easy.

This is probably my number one of all those favourite lipsticks given here. :)

Accessible in a wide variety of adorable shades.
  The price is 15,99zl.

5. Avon, Idealny Pocałunek, Berry Smooch.

This is also one of those long-lasting lipsticks - up to 6,7 hours including eating and drinking.

It has a beautiful, intensive, fuchsia colour. 

Thanks to its amazing formula, lips are smooth and deeply hydrated, which is one its greatest advantages.

 Its price is 15,99zl.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did whilst writing it! :)

The next post concerning my FIVE FAVOURITES for spring and summer will be out next Saturday at 8am.

Have a nice week everybody! :)

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