18 May 2014

BEAUTY HAUL - Rossmann -49%, Natura -40%

There was a massive price deflation in Rossmann and Drogeria Natura some time ago and I was lucky enough to get some new products almost half-price. For the last month I have tried some of them, and they are really sticking in my routine because they've worked really well so far. :) You'll see that there is also one product which I purchased in Avon.

I need to point out that this is not a review; it's just a demonstration cause these products are really worth it. But I'm planning to say something more about some of them in the following posts. :)

1. PIERRE RENE, Skin Balance Fluid Foundation, nr 20 Champagne.

You can be sure that my review of this foundation will come out within three weeks. Stay tuned cause I've got a lot to say about this product! I've been using it for more than a month now; but for the moment, I can only reveal that it works suprisingly well.

2.KOBO PROFESSIONAL, Translucent Loose Powder, nr 101.
3. KOBO PROFESSIONAL, Colour Trends Lipstick,  nr 311 Rose Petal.

Its fixed price is 23 zl but after marking down it was around 14zl so quite cool. Nonetheless, in comparison with the powder from Essence, All About Matte, it does not work so well.

Another lovely product from Kobo which ideally tops up my lipstick collection. :)

You can read more about my five favourite lipsticks for spring and summer here.

4. MISS SPORTY, Clubbing Colours, nr 3342. 
5. CATRICE, Crushed Crystals, nr 06, Call me Princess.

I placed these two products in my five favourite nail polishes, thus If you're interested in the way they work, please click here.

6. MAYBELLINE, Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. 

Its fixed price is around 35zl but I bought it for only 18zl!! To be honest, you cannot even image how many times I've attempted to get this product but it was always not on my way. Finally got it!

Its colour is deep black; perfect!

7. AVON, Makeup setting spray.

I haven't had the opportunity to try this product yet because I got it to use it mainly for special occasions such as weddings etc. It's better not to use it in a daily makeup because it may dry your skin. I'm not sure about its going rate due to the fact that I bought cut-price and then it was 18 zl.

Well, I think that's all for today. :) 
See you next time my Dear Readers! :)

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