17 May 2014

FIVE FAVOURITES: Nail polishes Spring/Summer 2014

The order does not matter. This is the last post concerning my 'five favourites' but it doesn't mean that it's of a less importance to me than the previous posts. Let me talk a little bit about my favourite nail polishes! :) 

Frankly speaking, it was quite difficult to go through my entire collection of nail polishes and pick out only five nail products. Don't get me wrong, the collection is not beyond number and I'm not in possesion of a hundred million nail polishes; nonetheless, I'm quite sure that the problem would be the same for every girl who is really fond of having lovely colours on her nails.

You can see below which colours I prefer the most for spring and summer 2014! 


1. GOLDEN ROSE, Care+Strong, nr 104.

I'm definitely obsessed with white nails. I got this nail polish a few days ago but unfortunately I haven't painted my nails with this colour yet. Hope it will work well!

The price is around 6 or 7 zloty.

2. LOVELY, Gloss Like Gel, nr 318.

It has such a lovely juicy lime shade which is more than perfect for sunny days! The colour is very intensive and lasts up to four, five days. You can get it eg. in Rossmann for less than 6 zl.

3. MISS SPORTY, Clubbing Colours, nr 3342.

It dries very quickly; has a perfect coverage and an adorable salmon pink shade.
 It's budget and accessible in a wide range of colours.

 The sole drawback is that it lasts only up to three days. Even so, I like it a lot.

4. CATRICE, Crushed Crystals, nr 06 Call me Princess.

I'm really in love with this nail polish! It looks fabulous on the nails especially when the sun begins to shine a bit more. 

Its shade is a peachy pink one with many glittering gold grains which change into a celedon glitter in the sunshine. It has a stunning sparkling sand finish. Lasts up to 5,6 days!

Available in six shades in Drogeria Natura for about 13 or 14 zloty.

5. EVELINE, Colour Show, nr 674.

This nail polish is by far a long-lasting one (up to five days) which has a lovely fuchsia colour. It gives a full coverage and a glossy finish. Available for about 6 zl eg. in Rossmann.

Okay, so the series 'My Five Favourites' has just come to an end. Hoped you liked it as much as I did! :)

See y'all next week!

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