25 September 2013

School is coming.. :)

Hi everybody! :))

and this is why I had to do some extra shopping to get some new notebooks, jotters, biros and IMHO other necessary things such as the very cute cookie stickers  :)

I guess this writing on a yellow notebook is not enough thought-out. Sorry.

That's my fav in my 'collection'; wasn't cheap but I think it's worth having, even in a one piece. :) 

My friend showed me them last week; couldn't resist getting these two. So cuuuuuute. ^.^ Now my phone nad lap are covered in sweet and delicious cakes; look really pretty. :) Have to add colours to some of my tiny things cause autumn has been enough gloomy and depressing so far. 

The song of the day.

It's such a cute video clip, isn't it? :))

Hope you enjoy the post!
See you next time! :))

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