10 September 2013

Got a parcel!!!

Hiiiiiiii guys!!! :))

Sorry for not posting for a week but I've really had a lot to do to pass my retakes this month. That's my desk since August; loooovely.

But finally I got a parcel, thus now I can demonstrate you for what I've been waiting for the last few weeks!!!

It's definitely not the latest model but ultimately I can access the internet and have a dictionary in my mobile phone!!! It also has sufficiently good-quality camera so now I'm capable of taking photos for you at any time I desire to! :)) 

I must admit that the headphones and MP3 player work really well too, so if my dated MP3 player crashes, I've got another one. :)

I guess a lot of you have already had IPhones and stuff like that but believe me or not, I'm extremely glad with my cool little thing. :) Moreover, I got it from my brother, so it makes me feel doubly happy. :))

I reckon I haven't mentioned yet I've got an account on twitter! That's the link if you'd like to follow me. click. :)

Recently I've bought some new stuff so stay tuned cause I'm gonna post soon! :)


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