27 August 2013

The VMA's 2013

Hiiiiiii, how are you? :)

Yeeees, I know that the last time I posted I promised to share with you what's inside my secret parcel, but unfortunately you'll have to wait the next few days (same as me) cause it's due to come between 2nd and 7th of Sept. You can be sure when it comes I'll come as well. Stay tuned. 

But for now, I wanna show you what impressed me yesterday when I was watching The VMA's! This performance was badass! To be honest, I've never been a huge fun of Justin Timberlake (I just like some of his songs) but what he did at The VMA's was maaaad! Check the links below!

Kanye West's performance was a little bit weird and maybe even scary but also really cool! Btw. love this song.

Hope you enjoy it!
See U soon!

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