5 July 2014

BRAND-NEW SERIES by Golden Rose - Vision Lipstick !

Hi everyone! How are you doing? :)

Today's post's gonna be a little bit distinct from what I've added so far. I'd love to make you know that Golden Rose has just released a new lipstick series called Vision Lipstick. There are 25 shades with both creamy and pearly finish. I reckon they fail to dry our lips because they contain vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. The price might be quite surprising for some of you beacuse it's only 9,90zl!! You can get them both online and in a regular store.

the source: the internet
the source: goldenrose.pl

  Not all of them have attracted my attention but obviously I've picked out my favourites! 

- light nude colours: no. 103 and no.106 - ideal for spring and summer!
- pink colours: no. 108 and no. 112 - so juicy and lively shades!
- dark colours: no. 124 and no. 125 - I'm particularly obsessed with the former one 'cause it has such a gorgeous juicy fuchsia colour which is just perfect for summer and autumn!

I'm really curious to see how they work and how long they last on our lips! 

Cannot wait to try them out! :)

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