14 June 2014

The easiest healthy banana crumpets I've ever made!

As the title suggests, this time I really want to show you my recipe for making banana crumpets. It's both easy and fast. To be honest, during the previous week I made them more than three times because they did so good as an easy, tasty and warm breakfast meal. However, it purely and simply depends on you whether you prepare them for breakfast, dinner, lunch or in the form of a sweet and healthy snack in the midst of the day. 

Preparation does not take you much time so it constitutes a pefect option when you're in a hurry and you're not going to leave home with your stomach being empty. These crumpets are incredibly delicious, stodgy and what is most important, healthy (we do not add any flour).

They can make a good substitute for your daily breakfast routine.

These are with a peach and cranberries but another time I added some fresh strawberries and apricots. Exquisite!

INGREDIENTS (for three crumpets)

1 medium or big ripe banana

2 eggs size M
1-2 tablespoon (s) natural yoghurt
1/2 tablespoon cinnamon (optional)

Canola oil
Favourite fruits - I chose 1 peach and dried cranberries


1. Peel and cut banana. Put it in a medium bowl, add 2 eggs and mix. Optionally you can add 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon. 
2. Heat the oil in a frying pan and place there prepared mixture.
3. Fry until browned.
4. Place on a plate and topped with natural yoghurt and fresh or dried fruits.
5. Enjoy! :)

Don't forget to try out this recipe! :)

See you text time! 

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