1 November 2013

Photos taken in October

Well well well, here I am. Hello hello! :)

October has just finished so I've decided to share with you some photos which I took with my camera phone throughout the last month.

Hope you enjoy them! :)

To begin with some healthy food that I've preferred lately...

 ...in the morning...

 These rolls were warm the moment I ate them; yummy yummy yummy!

...and in the afternoon.

There's no such tasty salad which is in the same class as my dad's. :)

Okay, this cake fails to be healthy, but I couldn't resist eating it. Only a few pieces. :D

Believe me or not, but one year ago I couldn't stand the smell of coffee, not to mention drinking it. Since last winter session, when I had to study a lot to pass my exams, coffee has become my essential beverage I have to drink every single day. I guess I'm gradually  becoming a coffee lover... maybe I already am.

 Regarding the weather, it has been so perfect in Poznań lately! Such a gorgeous autumn.

 My view from the window. 

 Such a lovely park in the heart of the city.

Fridays have officialy become those days when the only thing that I do in the evenings is going out with friends. :)

Okaaaay, I think that's all for today. :)

I'm planning to do some shopping within the next few days so I'll probably be blogging soon. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post!

I hope you've got such a great time at home as me. :)

See you soon!


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